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Reel-TV is the groundbreaking, innovative, dynamic advertising platform that major brands have been seeking. Not since the advent of the internet has an advertising medium had the ability to impact millions of people.

Reel-TV harnesses the power of Casinos and the millions of adults who walk the casino floors every year. Reel-TV turns idle slot machine displays into prime advertising space for major brands. After a machine is idle for 60 sec, an advertiser's message will be played for :15 sec followed by :30 sec of game display. This means that an advertiser's message will play over 1 million times per month delivering millions of impressions for pennies making Reel-TV the most cost-effective advertising medium! Contact Us At Reel TV For More Info ~ (702) 438-7900

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The RTV System Is Available To Casinos and Advertisers Only.

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REEL TV has submitted to Nevada Gaming for approval on an older model and the newer Aristocrat's Viridian machines.We have got approval on both machines through Nevada Gaming and are happy to announce our new DVI LCD screen capabilities.

Palms and Reel TV

Two powerful and cutting edge companies join forces to bring the newest technology to their casino floor. Visit Palms today to see it in live action.

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